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How Much Money Can I Make Using Apps

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Welcome to Part II of the economically savvy series.  In Part I, I described my journey to economic savviness and gave you numerous tips to help you on this voyage.  One of those tips was about money saving apps.  Today, I am going to tell you about the apps I use.

Full Disclosure

There are a lot of people who list the apps they use and their referral codes.  However, very few people are willing to disclose how much they’ve made using apps.  When I first started couponing, I wanted to know if the apps people were suggesting were worth my while.

Would I make any money?  How long had they been using the apps?  Did they actually use the apps that were presented on their websites?  Most of the time, my questions were not answered.  All I found were referral links.

I believe in transparency, so I’ll answer the last question first.  Yes, I use all the money saving apps I list on this website.  As for how much money I’ve made and how long I’ve been using each app, see the table below.  As you can see, for me, some apps have more earning potential than others.

The Numbers

Money I've Made Using Apps (Table)


Money I've Made Using Apps (Graph)

Apps and Links


Target Cartwheel

mPlus Rewards – Sadly, this app no longer exists.

Checkout 51



Fetch Rewards (Referral code: PG4VK)               



Ibotta is clearly the winner for me.  Even when I don’t buy an item on their list of many options, there is usually an "any item" cash back offer available.  Over time, those 25¢ rebates add up.

As an economically savvy connoisseur, I believe every penny counts.  It takes pennies to makes dollars.


How much have you saved with apps?  Comment and let us know.


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