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9 Money Games Your Children Will Love


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How do the words "let's learn to manage your money" make you feel?

You likely had one of four reactions.

One, you became super excited and can’t wait to get started.

Two, your heart rate remained normal and your neutral reaction is sure, why not.

Three, you cringed and feelings of dread caused goosebumps to appear all over your body.

Four, you went into total avoidance mode and pretended you never saw those words.

If you are super excited or neutral, you are going to love today’s lesson.

If you are cringing or pretending the words money management do not exist, fear not. Today’s money management lesson is going to be fun.

Financial education doesn’t have to be boring.

There are entertaining games that will bring everyone together for family game night, while simultaneously teaching your children about financial responsibility.

Without mentioning the words learning, management, or money, you and your children can get excited about investments, budgets, and economics.

These educational lessons have been cleverly disguised as games.

You and your child will have fun learning about money.

Sneaky secret – financial education games aren’t just for children. They are also for adults and the kid in you.


9 Financial Literacy Board Games, Video Games, and Card Games


1. Monopoly

    Game Type: Board, Video

    Monopoly is a classic board game that will teach your children the value of real estate. Your children will buy property, sell property, build their assets, and have their plans changed with the flip of a chance card.

    There are also themed, video game, and junior versions of Monopoly.


    2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

      Game Type: Video

      Animal Crossing is a video game in which economics lessons are cleverly disguised as gameplay. Your children will learn to pay their mortgage, invest in the stalk market, and build infrastructure to improve and sustain life on the island.


      3. The Allowance Game

        Game Type: Board

        The Allowance Game is board game in which children must do chores to earn an allowance. Your children will learn to make change, save money, and manage money.


        4. Stardew Valley

          Game Type: Video, Board

          Stardew Valley is a multiplayer, cooperative video game. Your children will learn to work with others, build a farm, and manage money.

          Stardew Valley has also been adapted into a board game.


          5. Cashflow for Kids

            Game Type: Board

            Cashflow for Kids was created by the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The board game focuses on getting out of the rat race. Your children will learn about assets, liabilities, and financial decision making.

            There is also a version of Cashflow for adults and older children.


            6. Net Worth

              Game Type: Card

              Net Worth is a card game that requires strategy and critical thinking. Your children will learn about assets, liabilities, net worth, and how to protect their assets from financial crises.


              7. Catan

                Game Type: Board, Card, Dice

                Catan is a board game that takes you back in time. Your children will learn to trade, barter, and manage their resources.

                There are many themed versions of Catan as well as card and dice games.


                8. Civilization

                  Game Type: Video, Board

                  Civilization is a series of strategy video games in which players gather resources, trade, and build alliances. Your children will learn to manage resources, negotiate, and build an empire.

                  There is also a board game based on the video game series.


                  9. Minecraft

                    Game Type: Video, Board, App

                    Minecraft is a video game with an infinitely expanding 3D world. Your children will learn to gather resources, exchange goods, build structures, and explore the laws of supply and demand.

                    There is also a Minecraft board game and an app.


                    After reading about all of the fun games you and your children can play, how do the words "let's learn to manage your money" make you feel?

                    Get your children excited about money management.

                    Create new memories of family fun as you play these games together.

                    Offer your children a head start. Give them fun gaming lessons in money management.

                    Become economically savvy. Read Economically Savvy: Your Personal Guide to Wealth and Financial Wellness.


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