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Savings Tracker

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No matter how big or small, we should all have a little cushion in our bank account. Whether you’re saving for a vacation, new house, furniture, or even a nest egg, the Savings Tracker is a great way to keep track of your savings one penny at a time.

*Important Note: This is an Excel Spreadsheet. Before purchasing this product, make sure you are able to open Excel files.

Use this spreadsheet to keep track of your savings goals.

Instructions & Features

This Excel workbook has a Savings tab and a Savings-Long tab.

Use the Savings spreadsheet for shorter goals. It has 24 rows

Use the Savings-Long spreadsheet for longer goals. It has 74 rows.

Enter your savings goal and the amounts you have saved.

Amount saved and percent saved automatically update!

Watch the savings-o-meter change as you get closer to your goal.

Easy to Use: Type your goal and savings amount data. Press enter. The spreadsheet automatically does the rest!

Editable Spreadsheet: Edit the spreadsheet to suit your needs.

In the box at the top of the spreadsheet, type the name of your savings goal (e.g., new car, vacation).

Change the font size and color of your goal to make it stand out.

You may also wish to change the table headers (i.e., date, money source, amount, notes).

You can edit column widths and row heights.

Automatic Calculations: Enter your goal, dates, money sources, amounts saved, and notes. The spreadsheet automatically calculates amount saved, percent saved, and the amount needed to reach your savings goal.

Do not change the formulas in this workbook, otherwise the automatic calculations will not work correctly.

Visuals: The colorful savings-o-meter shows the progress you have made towards your goal. The savings-o-meter and amount needed automatically update as you enter data into the spreadsheet.


Thank you for ordering your life.

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Reminder: This is a personal use file. You may not copy or distribute any part of this material to any other person. Do not resell, reformat, or use for commercial use.