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People to Notify When I Move: Change of Address


You’ve started packing. You’ve scouted out your new neighborhood. You’ve called the moving company three times to make sure they arrive on time. You’ve even told your family and friends your new address. Good job! Have you forgotten anything?

Did you contact the post office or change your address online? Did you ask your doctor to forward your medical records? Did you contact your internet provider to cancel or reroute your service?

In the chaos of moving, it’s easy to forget about all the people you need to notify of your move. From your employer to the DMV, the list of people who need to know can be daunting.

Don’t worry, Order Your Life has a checklist to help you remember who to contact.

Step 1, change your address online with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Go to to complete the online form. You can get your mail forwarded for up to 1 year.

Step 2, use the People to Notify When I Move Checklist. The checklist is broken down into categories to make the process easier.

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