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Moving with Pets


When you arrive home from a long day at work, Snuggles, Hugs, and Kisses are waiting for you. They love you. They’re happy to see you. They want dinner right now.

Snuggles, Hugs, and Kisses aren’t nicknames for your significant other (aka Cutie Pie). SH&K are your pets. They’re those adorable little creatures who show you unconditional love and support.

When you start making plans to move, SH&K will notice. They are sensitive to changes in their environment. In addition to seeing boxes slowly pile up around your home, SH&K will pick up on changes in your mood and stress level.

Granted, if SH&K are fish or reptiles, they may swim and slither along in complete oblivion, ignoring your boxes. However, if SH&K are four-legged, furry, or feathered, your mood becomes their mood. Your stress becomes their stress.

Although some pets are more sensitive to pre-move planning than others, during a move, all pets have the potential to become stressed. Whether they have wings, scales, fur, or feathers, take care of your pets as you move them from your old home to your new home. Try not to stress them out. Provide them with the support they need to move safely. Show Snuggles, Hugs, and Kisses how much you love them.

For ways to share the love, read Tips for Moving with Pets. There are tips for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, horses, and small pets such as hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits.


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