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>> TYWANQUILA: Hello, everyone. My name is Tywanquila Walker.

Welcome to the Order Your Life Excel How-To series.

Today's topic is the Moving Box Inventory spreadsheet.

During your move, use the Moving Box Inventory to keep track of your moving boxes and their contents.


In this video, I will cover how to enter room and content information.

How to use dropdown menus.

And how to add rows to the spreadsheet.

First, let's take a look at the workbook.


This workbook has 2 tabs.

An Instructions tab.

And a Box Inventory tab.

If you would like to read the instructions, you can find them on

I have posted a link below in the description box.


The second tab is the Box Inventory tab.

There are columns for box number, room, and contents.

There are also columns to indicate whether each box's contents are fragile, have been loaded, have arrived at their destination, or were damaged during the move.

Box numbers 1 through 100 have already been listed on this spreadsheet.


For the room, enter the name of the room where the box belongs.

Use the dropdown menu to select the room name.

If the room you want is not listed in the menu, type the name of the room.


For example, let's type Ray's Room.

Under contents, write a description of what's in the box.

Let's say that the box for Ray's Room has toy cars.

Next, ask yourself, "Are the contents in this box fragile?"

Use the dropdown menu to select yes or no.

Has the box been loaded?

Yes or no?

Did it arrive at its destination?

Yes or no?

And finally, was it damaged during your move?

Yes or no?


Red, bolded text and symbols are used to draw your attention to boxes that may need special attention.

For example, you should take pictures of damaged items and, if necessary, file an insurance claim.


If you need more than 100 rows, you can easily add rows to this spreadsheet.

Let's scroll down to the bottom, and I'll show you how to do that.

To add a row, type in any cell beneath the row.

Here, let's type 101 and press enter.


You can type in any cell.

For example, here let's type snow globes.

And press enter.


You can also go to the last row and the last cell and press tab.

And there you go.

You have another row.


If you notice that the box number, room, or contents are not bolded, simply select those cells and click bold.

And there you have it.


In this video, you have learned how to enter room and content information, use dropdown menus, and add rows to the spreadsheet.


If you have questions, email me at

Thank you for watching the Order Your Life Excel How-to Series.

Visit for more exciting ways to get, and stay, organized.


Click here to read the Moving Box Inventory instructions.


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