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Happy New Year!  Today it is time to wake up, refresh, and get ready for an exciting new year.  Embrace the opportunity to better your life and the lives of those around you.

Although the beginning of the new year is exciting, it also contains residuals of the old year.  Namely, there may be money matters from the holiday season you need to address, or financial goals you want to improve upon.

In short, do you have holiday bills to pay?  Would you like to save for a summer vacation?  Do you need more money?

My answer to you is, “Get a side hustle!”

I have a side hustle.  In truth, at any given time, I have 4 or 5 side hustles.  As you will see from the lists below, I have participated in a lot of extracurricular activities.  I’ve made thousands of dollars from my side hustles, all while maintaining my full-time job.

If something works, I stick with it.  If not, I move on.  That’s the beauty of side hustles – ultimate flexibility with minimum commitment and maximum earnings.


My Side Hustles Present

Couponing and Cash Back – Most people know I coupon and look for ways to earn cash back.  You can read all about my financial adventures by going here.

Adjunct Professor (Online) – I like to stay up-to-date on recent research and technological advancements.  I also have a PhD and I like to put it to use.  One of the best ways to keep learning is to teach, so I do.  I teach online and serve as the dissertation chair for PhD candidates.  Teaching online provides me the flexibility to work when I want and it gives me the opportunity to shape young minds.  As an added bonus, my university offers a retirement plan.  Given that I teach part-time, I don’t earn much, but every penny towards retirement adds to my bottom line.

User Testing – Testing websites and apps for companies is one of my easiest side hustles.  Where else can I get paid to talk and give my opinions?  There are dozens of user testing companies out there.  The one I use is called UserTesting (easy to remember, right).  I usually spend a few minutes a day searching for tests.  I won’t get rich as a tester, but I like adding money to my savings account.  I am a fan of compound interest.

Start a Business – For me, Order Your Life is part side hustle, part full-time obsession, part my future and my life.  Although Order Your Life has not made me a millionaire (yet), I enjoy the challenge of being a business owner.  What other vocation affords me the opportunity to make my own schedule while continuously learning new skills?  (To be clear, I have a full-time job in addition to Order Your Life.  Balance is one of those skills I’m continuously learning.)

Make T-shirts (aka Start a Second Business) – I have a confession – I have a second business.  I sell t-shirts online.  Although technically a side hustle, Shirts Because is actually a hobby.  Designing is calming and relaxing, so I dabble in my (limited) spare time.  Shirts Because is my no-pressure pastime.  I design when inspiration strikes, and I make a few extra dollars.


My Side Hustles Past

Freelance Editor – I have worked as a freelance editor for a company and as an independent freelancer.  When working for the company, the pay was great and the work was steady.  However, over time, I learned that the company was shady and the upper management was downright rude.  I stopped providing freelance services to the company, which decreased my side hustle income but made me feel good about having morals.  I still provide editing services when asked.  Nevertheless, because I don’t edit on a continuous basis, freelance editing is an occasional side hustle that most appropriately fits under my past.

Fiverr – I’m not quite sure if Fiverr belongs in my present, my past, or my future.  Every few months, I reactivate my Fiverr gigs.  When I have down time or I’m off work during a holiday, I open my Fiverr gigs for business.  I’ve earned a few extra dollars on Fiverr, so it will likely remain on my list of occasional side hustles.

Online Surveys – I used to do online surveys.  I would set a goal then complete enough tasks to cash out.  I enjoyed doing surveys.  However, I have found other, more lucrative side hustles.


My Sides Hustles Future

Consulting – When people find out I own a business, they are full of questions.  They want to know about best practices, startup costs, taxes, marketing and advertising, and generally how to get started.  People also ask financial questions.  For example, how do I save money?  How do I plan for retirement?  How do I buy a house?  How do I find scholarships for college?

The more questions I answer, the more I think about charging for my services.

According to Kim Garst, “If you don’t value your time, neither will others.  Stop giving away your time and talents.  Value what you know and start charging for it.”  Here’s my bill...


51 Side Hustles That May Work for You

Do any of the side hustles above strike your fancy?

There are dozens of possible side hustles out there.  Find the ones that work for you.

Here is a list of 51 side hustles that might interest you.  Most of these activities you can do on your own, with little to no startup costs.  The main objective is to charge for your skills and services.  What skills do you have that someone else needs?  Make it a side hustle.

  1. Edit or proofread documents
  2. Write (e.g., become a freelance writer or a ghostwriter)
  3. Create professional presentations
  4. Sell handmade art, jewelry, or furniture
  5. Become a virtual assistant
  6. Cook or bake
  7. Babysit
  8. Plan parties and other social events
  9. Test websites, apps, or video games (i.e., become a user tester)
  10. Blog
  11. Tutor
  12. Teach
  13. Sing, play music, or DJ at events
  14. Present or lecture (on your favorite topics)
  15. Clean (for friends, family, or businesses)
  16. Organize physical (or digital) spaces
  17. Install software
  18. Create social media posts
  19. Fix computers, phones, or other devices
  20. Set up social media accounts
  21. Make or design t-shirts
  22. Check in on apps (e.g., Shopkick)
  23. Coupon (download some of my favorite apps)
  24. Clean carpets
  25. Mow lawns or provide yard work services
  26. Run errands for other people
  27. Pet sit
  28. Walk dogs
  29. Write or edit resumes
  30. Become a consultant
  31. Create scrapbooks or photo albums (these can be physical or digital)
  32. Become a photographer (of landscapes, family portraits, or ecommerce products)
  33. Become a videographer
  34. Become a personal assistant
  35. Sell items online
  36. Sell items at garage sales or flea markets
  37. Drive for a rideshare company
  38. Become a social media manger
  39. Wash and detail cars
  40. Give music lessons
  41. House sit
  42. Do online surveys
  43. Wash, iron, or fold laundry
  44. Become a fitness or dance instructor
  45. Design websites
  46. Make deliveries
  47. Become a handyman or handywoman
  48. Help people move
  49. Become a tour guide
  50. Become a freelance bookkeeper, accountant, or tax preparer
  51. Do whatever you’re good at on Fiverr, Upwork, TaskRabbit, Time etc, Etsy, or another online platform or worksite.


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