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5 of the Best Worst Christmas Songs Ever - Order Your Life


Happy Holidays Everyone!  It’s time to spread some Christmas cheer.

These five Christmas songs are sure to put a smile on your face. They're the best because they're funny. They're the worst because well...they're not in the usual Christmas spirit.

If you've become weary from listening to holiday tunes since November, this is for the Grinch in you! Enjoy!

    1. Twist of the Magi – SHeDAISY featuring Rascal Flatts

      This song is about all the things you really want for Christmas – and some of the things you don't.



        2. Santa Clause Kiss My A – Luther Lackey

          If your Christmas ain't going right, send a letter to good ole Saint Nick. Luther Lackey will tell you what to write.

          Warning: This song is Not Safe for Work (NSFW) and Not Safe for Kids (NSFK). If your boss is looking over your shoulder, or the kiddies are nearby, listen to this instead.



            3. Nuttin' For Christmas – Stan Freberg

              Nuttin' for Christmas is a song about the woes of every naughty child. The only difference is this one knows exactly what will be left in his Christmas stocking.



                4. Wrecking Ball Parody (Deck the Halls) – Dave and Brian

                  I admit it – while watching this parody I couldn't decide if I wanted to laugh or cry. Santa swinging on a giant Christmas ornament is a little disturbing. Deck the halls anyone?



                    5. Christmas in Hollis – RUN-DMC

                      Christmas in Hollis is an oldie but goodie. RUN-DMC shares the joys of Christmas in their hometown, Hollis, Queens, New York. This hilarious video features Santa and his "reindeer."

                      Fun Fact: In 1987, Christmas in Hollis won Rolling Stone's Best Video of the Year award, beating Michael Jackson's Bad. Christmas in Hollis was directed and filmed by Michael Holman and Mark Richardson, two college students attending New York University. Bad was directed by Martin Scorsese.



                      Unusual and Stirring Sounds of the Holiday Spirit

                      As I searched for hilarious holiday songs, I found some unique and unusually stirring voices. Open your mind, and your ears, to The Sound of Silence and Hallelujah.

                      The Sound of Silence – Disturbed



                      Hallelujah – Pentatonix




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