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Five Clever and Creative Ways to Organize Your Stuff


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The best way to stay organized is to have less stuff.

However, if you don’t know what to throw away, can’t part with your belongings, or you just aren’t ready to start simplifying and minimizing your life, begin by organizing what you have.

As you organize your stuff, think about what you need, what you use often, and what you may be able to let go.

When you can proudly show off all the things you love, do you really need that other stuff?

Seriously ponder that question as you declutter and organize your life.


Clever and Creative Solutions to Organization

Here are five creative ways to organize the things you love.


Keep It Together

Put similar items in the same location or in the same container.

Clear containers make the perfect holding stations for toy cars, stationary, school supplies, eating utensils, snacks, and tiny knickknacks that go missing when they are not contained.


Clear Storage Boxes

Clear Jars

Clear Drawer Organizer 


Track It Up

Take advantage of unused wall space.

Use a track system, or pegboard, to vertically store brooms, tools, sports equipment, purses, hats, jewelry, scarves, and ties.

In addition to getting items off the floor, this vertical storage system allows you to see everything at a glance.


Tool Pegboard


Supply Pegboard


Broom Storage Wall Mount


Bag It

Give the back of a door a new purpose.

A hanging shoe organizer is the perfect way to organize your shoes. It’s also a perfect way to store cleaning supplies, towels, personal hygiene items, stuffed animals, art supplies, pantry items, and your favorite snacks.


Clear Shoe Organizer


Clear Hanging Organizer


Mesh Hanging Organizer


Store It

Keep rarely used items out of sight until you need them.

Use a beautiful bench as furniture and for storage. Store blankets, pillows, towels, toys, board games, or winter gear in a storage bench. The bench serves as extra seating and as a hideaway for items you don’t use every day.


Gray Storage Bench


White Storage Bench


Wood Storage Bench


Float Above It

Turn a boring wall into a work of art, and a great display case.

Floating shelves add a bit of flair to an otherwise nondescript room. Use floating shelves to store your books, nail polish, paintings, trophies, coin collection, toiletries, or children’s artwork.


Wood Shelves


Round Floating Shelves


Bookrack Floating Bookshelf


Designer Floating Bookshelves


Get creative, and get organized.

Look around your home and office. Where can you use these five clever tricks to add flair and order to your life?


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