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16 Ways to Simplify Your Life


The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week.  This week, focus on the physical and psychological areas of your life that could use a little simplification.  It is a time to refocus, declutter, and simplify.  Use the next seven days to get rid of things that cause you stress and anxiety.

It's Physical and Mental

Simplifying your life is about the objects and things in your life as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements that are unseen but vital to your existence.  This week, choose one area of your life to simplify.  For the next seven days, focus on that area with all your might. 

Choose one area, because if you choose more than one, you’re not really simplifying.  Focus on one intention at a time.  How would your simpler life look?  How would your simpler life feel? 

Ask Yourself

  • Are there areas in my home that cause me distress?

  • Are there thoughts and obsessions that keep me from enjoying my life? 

  • Are there habits I can eliminate to simplify my life and decrease my stress?

  • What is one thing I can do this week to simplify my life?

    Here are 16 ideas to help you get started.

    1. Say no (to other people’s demands and requests, social invitations, anything that’s going to burden you and cause more problems than it’s worth)

    2. Declutter or clean for 15 minutes a day

    3. Throw away, give away, or donate one item a day

    4. Meditate for 15 minutes a day

    5. Make a schedule (for work projects, social activities, family events)

    6. Take a break from social media

    7. Set a bedtime (and go to bed at that time no matter what)

    8. Treat yourself to a destressing activity you enjoy (such as a massage, yoga, dancing, movie, dinner, live music, walking, hiking, karaoke, reading, a night out with friends)

    9. Unsubscribe from services, lists, and websites you never use (such as magazines, email lists, streaming services, automatic text messages)

    10. Subscribe to services that make your life easier (such as automatic deposits, automatic bill pay, automatic purchase and delivery of household goods)

    11. Declutter and organize one room in your home (be careful not to overextend yourself; do a little bit every day)

    12. Declutter and organize one space in your home or office (such as your junk drawer, kitchen cabinet, kitchen counter, bedroom closet, living room table, kitchen table)

    13. Declutter and organize one space in your office (such as your desk, file cabinet, desk drawer, bookshelf)

    14. Donate, give away, or sell any clothes you have not worn in the last year

    15. Before you go to bed, prepare for the next day (pack your lunch, pick out your clothes, put your backpack or suitcase near the front door)

    16. Say no – This item is worth repeating because many of us feel obligated to say yes, even when saying no is the better, simpler option.


    What are you doing to simplify your life?


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