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Order Your Life Moving Guide

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Moving frequently accompanies some of the biggest moments in life: Starting your first job. Setting up your first apartment. Buying your first home. Welcoming a new family member. Upsizing. Downsizing.

You’re opening new doors, settling into new places, and moving forward – what’s not to like? Of course, there’s the move itself!

The act of moving doesn’t have to overwhelm you. With a little forethought, a bit of due diligence, and some good old-fashioned organization, you can feel in command and enjoy a successful move. So break out the boxes and tape and savor this new chapter in your life.

The Order Your Life Moving Guide is a resourceful, time-saving tool. It is designed to help you stay organized and keep you on track throughout the moving process.

This 71-page moving guide contains everything you need to know about planning a successful move. Isn’t it nice to have your checklists, forms, and moving tips all in one place?

Order Your Life Moving Guide

Table Of Contents

Knowledge: A Little Background Information

  • Moving in the United States: Demographics and Data
  • Moving in the United States: Potential Economic Explanations

Moving: The Basics (and the Not So Basic)

  • Renter’s Security Deposit: Moving In and Out of Your Home
  • Moving Boxes: How Many Do I Need?
  • High Value Inventory
  • People to Notify When I Move: Change of Address
  • Moving with Children
  • Moving with Pets


  • Order Your Life Moving Checklist
  • People to Notify When I Move Checklist
  • Apartment and House Hunting Checklist


  • Order Your Life High Value Inventory Form
  • Order Your Life Move In/Out Inspection Form


  • Non-Allowables: Items Not Allowed on Moving Trucks
  • Tips for Moving with Children
  • Moving Books for You and Your Child
  • Tips for Moving with Pets

Bonus: Let’s Do This Checklist

  • Let’s Do This Checklist

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Oehlert
An Indispensable Guide

An indispensable guide for decluttering and organizing. Useful whether you're embarking on a moving adventure or just getting your household in order. Perfect for Spring Cleaning season!