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Moving Box Inventory

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It’s hard enough having to worry about whether your belongings are going to arrive in one piece or not, but what if they don’t arrive at all? Use the Moving Box Inventory to keep track of your boxes and their contents. A good organizational system will save you countless hours (and considerable stress) when you get to the unpacking part of the moving process.

*Important Note: The Moving Box Inventory is available as an Excel Spreadsheet or PDF.  Before purchasing this product, make sure you are able to open Excel files or PDFs.

Use this inventory to keep track of your boxes and their contents.

Instructions & Features


The Moving Box Inventory spreadsheet has 100 rows.

To add a row to the bottom of the table, type in the cell just below the last row of the table. Press enter. 

Editable Spreadsheet

Edit the spreadsheet to suit your needs.

Easily add room names by typing them into the spreadsheet.

Change the font size and color of the text in the spreadsheet.

Change the table headers (i.e., box #, room, contents, fragile, loaded, arrived, damaged).

Edit column widths and row heights.



Enter the name of the room where the box belongs. Enter information about the box's contents.

Use the dropdown menu to select a room.

If the room you want does not appear on the dropdown menu, type the name of the room (e.g., "Ray's Room" or "Sunroom") and press enter.

During the packing process, use the dropdown menu to indicate whether the box's contents are fragile.

During the moving process, use the dropdown menus to indicate whether the box has been loaded, has arrived at its destination, or has been damaged.

Easy to Use: Use the dropdown menus to quickly enter information into the spreadsheet.

Visuals: Red, bolded text is used to highlight boxes that may need special attention.

Use the dropdown menus to highlight items that are fragile, have not been loaded, have not arrived, or that are damaged during the move.


Thank you for ordering your life.

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