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2 Bedroom Order Your Life Moving Kit

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You know how hectic and crazy moving day can be, and the last thing you want is for something to get misplaced. Use the Order Your Life Moving Kit to organize your boxes and help the moving process go smoothly.

The 2 Bedroom Moving Kit comes complete with 260 color-coded labels, a Moving Box Inventory Checklist, Room Tags, a permanent marker, and an Order Your Life Folder. Keep important documents organized in the folder and have them easily accessible to your movers on moving day.

This moving kit includes the following items.

Color-coded Labels: Use our color-coded labels to make organizing boxes quick and easy for you and your movers. These permanent moving labels stick right to your box and help you identify the room it goes in and the contents inside. You will receive 22 pages of high quality labels. There are 100 large labels and 160 ribbon labels.

  • Bedroom (Blue) - 48 labels (16 large labels, 32 ribbon labels)

  • Bedroom (Orange) - 48 labels (16 large labels, 32 ribbon labels)

  • Bathroom (Turquoise) - 24 labels (8 large labels, 16 ribbon labels)

  • Kitchen (Yellow) - 48 labels (16 large labels, 32 ribbon labels)

  • Living Room (Magenta) - 36 labels (12 large labels, 24 ribbon labels)

  • Blank (Black) - 36 labels (12 large labels, 24 ribbon labels)

  • Fragile (Black + Red) - 20 labels (20 large labels)

*Important Note: These labels are permanent. Permanent labels are not recommended for use on furniture, glass, or other surfaces that would require label removal.

    Moving Box Inventory Checklist: Keep track of box numbers and box contents. Note whether boxes have been loaded and if they have arrived safely at their destination. This checklist is a great resource for filing insurance claims with movers.

      Room Tags: Each room has a corresponding color-coded, removable room tag. Stick these tags on the doors or walls outside of each room to let movers know where all your items go. Color-coding the rooms and boxes will save you time and energy during your move!

        *Important Note: Although these labels are removable, and can be used on most surfaces, test the labels in an inconspicuous area before use. Make sure the labels remove easily and do not damage the surface of the item on which they are placed. If you think the label will damage the surface, tape it to the door or wall.

          Permanent Marker: Can’t find a marker when you need it? For your ease and convenience, each kit comes with a permanent marker.

              Order Your Life Folder: Use this beautifully designed, colorful folder to keep track of your moving documents and important papers.

                Order Your Life today and start your move the smart way!


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