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Gift List with Budget

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Do you get overwhelmed at the thought of keeping track of your birthday, anniversary, and holiday gift lists? How about the thought of trying to purchase all of your gifts within the budget you have set aside? Use the Gift List with Budget spreadsheet to keep track of who you need to buy gifts for, gift ideas, prices, and purchase status. Now you’ll be able to stay organized and stay within your budget!

*Important Note: This is an Excel Spreadsheet. Before purchasing this product, make sure you are able to open Excel files.

Use this spreadsheet to keep track of your gifts and stay within your budget.

Instructions & Features

This Excel workbook has a Gift List tab.

The Gift List & Budget spreadsheet has 55 rows.

Enter information about who the gift is for and describe the gift.

Enter your gift budget and the actual cost of the gift. Press enter.

The difference between your budget and the actual cost of the gift automatically updates!

Your total budget, total cost, and total difference also update automatically.

As you enter your data, watch the difference and total difference arrows change color!

A red down arrow means you have gone over your budget.

A green up arrow means you have not gone over your budget.

Use the dropdown menu to indicate whether you have purchased/made your gift.

Use the dropdown menu to indicate whether you have shipped your gift or given it to the gift recipient.

Easy to Use: Type your gift, budget, and cost data. Press enter. The spreadsheet automatically calculates the totals!

Editable Spreadsheet: Edit the spreadsheet to suit your needs.

Change the font size and color of the text in the spreadsheet.

You can also change the table headers (i.e., for, gift, budget, actual cost, difference, purchased/made, shipped/given).

You can edit column widths and row heights.

Automatic Calculations: Enter your budget and cost data.

The spreadsheet automatically calculates differences and totals.

Do not change the formulas in this workbook, otherwise the automatic calculations will not work correctly.

Visuals: The colorful arrows show whether you have gone over your budget, or stayed on budget.

Differences and totals automatically update as you enter data into the spreadsheet.

Bold red, shaded text is used to highlight gifts that have not been purchased/made or shipped/given.


Thank you for ordering your life.

Shipping & Download Information

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Reminder: This is a personal use file. You may not copy or distribute any part of this material to any other person. Do not resell, reformat, or use for commercial use.