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I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Anne Blumer for her niche professional organizers series. Check out my interview with Anne at the Institute for Professional Organizers (IPO).

Institute for Professional Organizers – Niche Professional Organizers

Interview with Tywanquila Walker

Excerpts from the Interview

…Sometimes, I walk into a space and I can literally see what it can be.  Within seconds, objects float to their intended destinations.  Papers are filed away or placed in neat piles.  In my mind’s eye, the room is brighter, tidier, and more functional.

…Organizing is like sitting down to create a work of art.  The canvas is alive, and it speaks to the artist.  Eventually, the canvas speaks to the viewers as well.

...Start visualizing what you want your new home to look like.  Use that vision to help you keep the things you love and kindly dispose of the things that no longer fit in your life.

...Opening those boxes is like opening a present on Christmas day.  

...When people know you value their time, they work hard to make sure everything goes smoothly....

Read the entire interview here.


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